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Savannah Bloch is a recent graduate of the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. She graduated at the top of her class, and was chosen as one of four students to direct a thesis film titled “No Time For Holiday,” which received distribution with Shorts International. After graduating, Savannah ventured into the world of documentary filmmaking traveling to South Africa, Bolivia, Jordan, Spain, Costa Rica, and Indonesia for various international non-profit organizations.  Savannah combines her passion for global sustainability and narrative filmmaking, to create the strong philosophical beliefs that drive Food for Worms.



Producer - ALISA NASO

Alisa Naso recently graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles where she worked with and met Savannah. During her time at USC, Alisa produced three shows simultaneously while also working as an editor. “On the Ball,” a 45-minute show on Women’s Professional Soccer, garnered international viewership through an online campaign, which she helped to manage and create. Alisa has won three awards for her work over the years not only for her work in school, but also in her professional career as a director 
and editor. Alisa is also CEO of 11 1/2 Blue Box Road, LLC. Food for Worms will be the first film production produced by this company. 



Director of Photography - FADY HADID

As a child, Fady’s fascination with his father’s camera ignited his passion for taking pictures. Many years later, he used it to capture the 2003 invasion of his hometown of Baghdad.  Despite car bombs and death threats, Fady managed to develop a career in filmmaking while earning his engineering degree at the University of Baghdad. Fady left Iraq in 2007, when he was awarded a prestigious scholarship to study at USC's School of Cinematic Arts where he met Savannah. He earned an MFA degree in film and television production focusing on cinematography and documentary filmmaking.  Fady’s work has played at festivals around the world and broadcast on major television networks, like the National Geographic Channel and the Sundance Channel. He is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Campus, was a candidate for an ASC Heritage Award, and has won the Premio Rossellini award and three Webby film and video awards.

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